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👋 Hey, I'm Jason

When I was 18 I made two decisions that changed my life: I learned how to code and traded my first stock.

For the next 10 years, I followed the conventional advice:

• Get a degree in business (double major in finance and econ)
• Get industry experience (I traded for a hedge fund and a bank)
• Get a master’s degree (I got a $90,000 master’s degree in finance)

The problem?

I didn’t have a Ph.D., I didn’t have a computer science degree, and I thought I needed both to get into quant finance.

I was overwhelmed with the amount of information available, intimidated by the caliber of talent in the market, and had no confidence in myself!

And worse of all:

Nothing I was learning was sticking because it was all theory.

Then in 2012, I got great advice that I should use Python as a tool to get the job done—I don’t have to be a programmer.

That kick-started my journey into Python.

In October 2022 I launched Getting Started With Python for Quant Finance to help others use Python to accomplish their goals faster.

I packed everything I know about using Python for algo trading, data analysis, and derivatives into the course.

And I’ve built a rich, diverse community of like-minded finance professionals, Python developers, and complete beginners all with the same goal:

Get started with Python for quant finance.