Scaling SHAP Calculations With PySpark and Pandas UDF

With the proliferation of applications of Machine Learning (ML) and especially Deep Learning (DL) models in decision making, it is becoming more crucial to see through the black box and justify key business decisions based off the back of such models’ outputs. For example, if an ML model rejects a customer’s loan request or assigns a credit risk in peer-to-peer lending to a certain customer, giving business stakeholders an explanation about why this decision was made could be a powerful tool in encouraging the adaptation of the models. In many cases, interpretable ML is not just a business requirement but a regulatory requirement to understand why a certain decision or option was given to a customer. SHapley Additive exPlanations (SHAP) is an important tool one can leverage towards explainable AI and to help establish trust in the outcome of ML models and neural networks in solving business problems.

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